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I liked those trees

Wednesday, 2 June 2004

One of the streets at the bottom of my road is lined with rather lovely lime trees. Sometimes when I walk along it I feel as if I’m walking through a wood with a few houses dotted here and there.

Not any more though. For the past week the council has had a bunch of guys making their way along the street with a chain saw and a wood eating machine. They’ve been chopping most of the leafiness off the trees leaving just the larger branches and a few smaller ones with leaves on. The idea is, I hope, that the leaves which remain will allow the trees to survive and regrow.

I imagine this is all necessary. Some of the houses must have been pretty dark inside with so much greenery outside their windows. All the same, it does seem terribly sad somehow. I liked those trees. The walk down to the shops just won’t seem the same until they grow again.

Posted 2 June 2004, 15:31 BST

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