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The moon and baby boys

Friday, 28 May 2004

Current phase of the moon

Buried away elsewhere on this site is a table of moons for the next year. I put it there because I like to know when things are. It gets rather a lot of visits because it turns up at the top on Yahoo and Google if you enter the right sort of stuff as a search string.

Occasionally I get emails from people who seem to think I’m some sort of expert on the moon. I’m not. I know where it is (‘up there, look’) and when it’s going to appear in certain shapes but I don’t really know an awful lot more about it. Well, perhaps I do but I ain’t telling.

Most of the questions are straightforward and I can answer them either from my vast store of knowledge on the subject (hah!, if only…) or by looking up the answer on the net and then pretending that I knew all along. Every now and then I get one which has me stumped. One such arrived today. It says:

Does the moon have an effect on our life and can we get a baby boy with the help of the moon direction? If you know the answer, please let me know.

What a strange question. What am I to reply to that?

Posted 28 May 2004, 22:56 BST

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