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Who are these people?

Tuesday, 25 May 2004

Ever wondered when reading press reports just who the people they’re rabbiting on about really are? I’ve just discovered Disinfopedia1, a gem of a site which aims to fill you in on people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda.

Like Wikipedia, on which the design is closely modelled, you can edit existing articles and add your own if you wish. The site includes a handy guide to researching your subject using the Internet and other sources of information.

Could prove very, very handy for clearing up confusion and sussing out whether what you’re reading, seeing or hearing really is just propaganda.

1 Disinfopedia has now changed its name to Sourcewatch. I’ve updated the link accordingly although links to still work; they simply redirect you to the new address.

Posted 25 May 2004, 22:40 BST

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