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Guantánamo abuse videoed

Sunday, 16 May 2004

People in orange jump suits at Guantánamo Bay

The fuss about the torture in Iraqi prisons has rather obscured news of the goings on at Guantánamo Bay. Now one of the British men, Tarek Dergoul, who was released without charge in March after spending 22 months in the place has spoken to The Observer about what is going on there. Mr Dergoul’s account makes disturbing reading.

Tarek says the abuses at Guantánamo were often videoed, a fact confirmed by a Guantánamo Joint Task Force spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Leon Sumpter. Since the US government will presumably say it has nothing to hide then what possible harm can come of either releasing the videos or at least showing them to an independent body such as the Red Cross or Human Rights Watch?

Posted 16 May 2004, 10:39 BST

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