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Biscuit packets

Saturday, 15 May 2004

I have just spent what felt like six months, but was probably just a minute or so, trying to get into a packet of biscuits.

The packet had one of those little tags which never seem to quite line up with the label saying tear here. This particular one was about 180 degrees around the packet from its instruction and about 3cm lower. And when I did eventually find it it just fell off when I tried to use it to open the packet. I eventually resorted to using a knife to cut the pack in half. Just as I normally do.

Why do I bother even trying to find the tag? Why do they bother putting the tag on the packet if they can’t be at least reasonably accurate most of the time? Why can’t we go back to buying biscuits from a large tin in the Co-op just like my mum and I used to do when I was small?

Posted 15 May 2004, 00:10 BST

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