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The cat doesn’t understand me

Tuesday, 11 May 2004

I have been trying to convince the cat that we are cousins as, of course, we are since we have a common ancestor somewhere around 60 million years ago so far as I’m able to make out.

Convincing the cat of anything other than the existence of food and cuddles is an uphill struggle. Cats are not great conversationalists. They don’t speak Human and although I have a few phrases of Cat, not all of which I’m entirely sure of and even fewer of which I’m able to articulate, the lack of a common language is rather restricting.

Most of my discussions with the cat involve me talking to myself while the cat stares at me as if I’m a hopeless case or else tries to divert my attention into either giving him more food or tickling him on the side of the cheek.

Having a cat is a great excuse for talking to myself. I can wander around the flat apparently having conversations with the air but all the while confident that there is a recipient for the sound of, if not the meaning of, my voice. It’s a great comfort.

Posted 11 May 2004, 22:44 BST

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