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Transit of Venus

Monday, 10 May 2004

There are only 28 days to go before the Transit of Venus, on 8th June, when the planet Venus moves across the face of the Sun.

Such transits are pretty rare. The last was in 1882 and there have only been six since the invention of the telescope. They come in pairs with the one in June being the first of the next pair. The second is on 6th June 2012.

The whole transit will be visible from the UK provided it isn’t cloudy. It starts at 6:13 in the morning (local time) and finishes at 12:26. So, if you live regular hours, it’ll just be starting at breakfast, be half way through by coffee break and just finishing if you take an early lunch

Should be well worth seeing if you’re interested in this sort of thing which I quite definitely am. It may be some compensation for only seeing 15 seconds of the 1999 eclipse in pouring rain from Metz in France.

NASA provides more information on their Sun-Earth site.

Posted 10 May 2004, 23:58 BST

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